Sunday, July 1, 2012

what is so good about flying huh??!!!!

well, to become a flight attendant seem to be every girls dream. But actually, it is not as glamorous as what you think. Here are the point that I came across... and what outsiders don't no....

Normally, a flight attendant.....

1. can eat a super quick 4 course meal standing at the kitchen counter
2. All of your pens have different hotel names on them 
3. NEVER unpack
4. understand and actually use the 24-hour clock
5. thighs are covered in bruises from armrests and elbows
6. bring home different grocery bags full of goodies that you can't get in your home town! and tell a story about it!
7. know better NOT to date a pilot! 
8. Your a fire fighter, a nurse, a security officer and a server- a great multi-tasker all in one!
9. standing in an elevator in your hotel and cant remember what floor you're supposed to go to, or what your room number is.
10. can never make definite plans, otherwise you know you'll be delayed/called out, for sure!
11. have mastered the art of putting on makeup in the car/bus
12. apologize for everything
13. no longer disgusted at stepping in dog poo: you've seen me!
14. appreciate time at home more than anyone else 
15. keep all your creams/perfumes/cosmetics in small pots and bottles so that they pass security cause you know its has to be under 100ML 
16. Your fruits and veggies at home always go bad because you're always away 
17. You miss your best friend's wedding, your parents' birthday, and all the occasions that are significant to you
18. You refer to cities based on their airport codes

19.You locate all emergency exits when in public transport and learn the door operations.